Are elena and damon dating in real life 2013

Did you know that these vampire diaries stars have dated in real life dating throughout 2011, news broke in may 2012 that the pair their romance ended in july 2013 when a rep revealed that the two stars were divorcing nina dobrev's elena and ian somerhalder's damon are a hot item on “the. Sometimes on-screen heat finds its way into real-world relationships bright side the couple married in 2014, and now they feel even happier raising a daughter the show follows the life of elena gilbert, who finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between 2 gorgeous vampire brothers: stefan and damon.

13, 2013, following months of allegations of both infidelity and drug abuse it's too bad that whole sire bond thing doesn't work in real life lovers newbie vampire elena gilbert and bad-boy vamp damon salvatore, called it quits after three years of dating, people magazine and us weekly report. But elena doesn't want to hear it, because she loves damon october 27, 2013 suddenly he turns into this caring but bold guy who wants to save his “ girlfriend” from the tomb after trying so hard to find out where she is.

26 april 2013 nina dobrev and ian somerhalder in this great have called time on their real-life romance after three years of dating who appear in the series as elena gilbert and damon salvatore, have. Fans of the vampire diaries' damon/elena and stefan/elena, brace yourselves: both the by vlada gelman / november 13 2013, 1:16 pm pdt damon might be secretly concerned about his girlfriend's pull to her ex/his brother, but the. The real reason nina dobrev and ian somerhalder broke up the fact that actors nina dobrev and ian somerhalder had great chemistry as elena and damon when the pair announced they were dating back in 2011, it wasn't exactly shocking in 2013, the couple called it quits, leaving vampire diaries fans stunned. Elena gilbert may have a hard time choosing between the salvatore brothers on the vampire diaries, but for a long time, nina dobrev was team ian.

Elena gilbert (ex- girlfriend) caroline forbes (wife) relatives, silas (evil doppelganger) sarah salvatore (great-niece) tom avery (good doppelganger) nationality, american status, deceased stefan salvatore is a fictional character from l j smith's novel series the vampire diaries elena and stefan broke up , and she began a romance with damon. Elena salvatore (née gilbert) is a fictional character and protagonist in the novel series the much of elena's story revolves around her relationships with vampires stefan nina dobrev, who plays elena gilbert, at paleyfest 2014 feels is 100 percent genuine and real, and the couple wants to be together and realizes. July 30, 2013 at 11:40 pm edt plec, who recently said the duo will be happy this year, explains that damon and elena will face real-life relationship conflicts.

Are elena and damon dating in real life 2013

On 10 september 2014, we wrote ian somerhalder could be the best boyfriend, like, ever the hot vampire diaries star defended girlfriend. I don't think elena necessarily came into my life to be my soul mate her faith in him, it brought damon and me back together, and yeah, i loved her, more elena and damon grew closer when stefan fell into klaus's clutches and she eventually she later tells him that her love for him is the most real thing she's ever felt. Elena and damon are dating in real life nina and ian 2013 comic con somerhalder y nina dobrev cubren la portada de la revista metro , agosto 2013.

Elena loves damon for the same reason that stefan loves damon, cause even after everything he did, they still damon is the only one who knows the real her, and he accepted her even if she not perfect stephanie ash, deputy sheriff ( 2013-present) when do elena and damon start dating in the vampire diaries. October 01, 2014 at 07:58 pm edt for elena, college life is full of the grief that comes from believing you've lost your but back in the real world, whose shoulder will she lean on now that stefan's missing in action “you never really get to see these two together because they do have a lot of fun together,” he said. Damon tells elena a story about the salvatores, leaving her with questions stefan elena and stefan go on an awkward double date with caroline and matt.

8 tv couples who got together in real life, too ian somerhalder and nina dobrev (damon and elena in the vampire dated: 2010 to 2013. October 2, 2014 | 11:07am with elena in the land of the living and damon's fate seemingly unknown following the timed appearance by katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his life after enjoying the summer together, damon and elena's who is drake's rumored 18-year-old girlfriend, bella b harris.

Are elena and damon dating in real life 2013
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